Don't Threaten With A Good Time (2016) source: Fueled by Ramen
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POV in Music Videos


Establishing a discussion regarding the topic of music videos and their situation in contemporary media may be considered as foreign territory for me. Yet the analysis of recent video release from Panic! At The Disco and the use of first person POV technique sparks a new curiosity that I was eager to explore.

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Foster Florence Jenkins (2016)

Film Review

Published with Starskify – 19th May 2016

Not shy from life on the stage, Florence Foster Jenkins (Meryl Streep) becomes inspired to pursue the desire of urging her performances further through the exhilaration of opera singing. Always graced with a passion for music and along with her devoted husband St Clair (Hugh Grant) and accompanying pianist Cosmé McMoon (Simon Helberg), nothing will stand between her and her dream, not even her unpleasant singing talents.

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Benefits of Cinematic Adaptations


Written for and published with FilmDebate – 11th April 2016

When referring to the ideology behind film adaptations, there will always be a constant debate into which is the optimum medium to tell a story. Coupled with this notion is the concept of whether or not we need to first read the book before we can view the film or even vice versa. From a film analysis perspective, some narratives that have originated in literary format do appear to work brilliantly on the big screen. Even when it’s just the adapted film that is viewed, certain methods succeed at existing separately.

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Eddie the Eagle (2016)

Film Review

Initially published for FilmDebate – 30th April 2016

Determined from a young age, Eddie Edwards has the dream of competing in the Winter Olympics. His father constantly undermines him, and team mates never accept him, but Eddie insists on travelling to across the world to pursue his aspiration. With drunken former champion Bronson Peary by his side, he makes sure nothing stands in his way to ensure he is part of the  team and furthermore, Great Britain’s first-ever Olympic ski jumper.

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The Jungle Book (2016)

Film Review

Review initially published with Starskify – 28th April 2016

The only life young man-cub Mowgli knows is life in the jungle. Growing up in a wolf pack family, all he knows is the way of the wild. But when the fierce tiger Shere Khan sends threats towards the youngster, he’s left with no choice but to run. Guided by Bagheera, his life-long panther protector, Mowgli travels across the jungle with intentions to return to where he belongs. Through turmoil and troubles, he soon finds the true meaning of friendship, family and where he truly belongs.

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