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The Nice Guys (2016)

Film Review

Written and uploaded with Starskify – 18th June 2016

The year is 1977. Los Angeles is the home for private investigator Holland March, who is recruited to track down the whereabouts of a girl deemed to be associated with a recently deceased famous porn star. His investigations lead him to encounter the somewhat unconventional enforcer Jackson Healy, who also happens to be linked with the missing girl. Brought together, the two detectives further encounter associations of conspiracy which leads them on a wild goose chase of deception, proving that it’s not always easy to be considered one of the nice guys.

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Disney Live-Action Remakes


There’s a large amount of interest into the category of remakes surrounding cinema releases, particularly in recent Disney announcements. Within this recent article, written for Film Inquiry, I discuss some of the current establishments of live-action reboots as well as what this could potentially mean for the future releases.

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Green Room (2016)

Film Review

Following a succession of unfortunate circumstances, a four piece punk rock band are close to giving up on life on the road. But when information on a potential gig in a secluded part of Oregon comes to their attention, they take it as their only shot for restoration. After a heated performance, the members unintentionally encounter a brutal act. Witnessing unwanted circumstances results in the friends situated in a ambush ruse, trapped in the backstage green room. The group are compelled to work together with a fellow witness, in a fight for their survival against the venue owner and his crew.

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