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(May contain potential spoilers)

Following the highly anticipated release of DC superhero epic Suicide Squad, a primary bother that effected the overall enjoyment of the epic was the trailers. This, coupled with the previous example of DC’s former, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has stimulated enough issues that require a full discussion into what affect the trailers have on the final film.

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Money Monster (2016)

Film Review

First Published with Starskify

Star and host of financial TV show ‘Money Monster’, hot shot Lee Gates comes under unanticipated ambush during the latest broadcast of the show. The show is succumbed to a hostage situation led by Kyle Budwell, an investor that lost everything after following up a tip provided to him from the show. When a bomb-threat is revealed, the entire crew is forced into a high alert to come to an agreement to settle the circumstances.

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